10 September, 2006

Just Desserts

We had a wedding party of 21 last night for first seating. 21 is actually the max capacity for our private room. With 16 people or less, we can move the tables together to seat everyone at one table. With 21, they sit at 5 separate tables and they like it.

Yesterday around 2:00, I got a call from the front desk saying that there are people from the wedding who needed to set up the space and no one was there to greet them. Umm... that would be because no one knew they were coming! I was really worried -- how much "set up" were they planning on doing? I went out there and was relieved to find a harried sister of the bride and a cousin with just two boxes - favors (one per couple) and toasting glasses for the bride & groom.

They also had a seating chart, for a 3 table set-up.

I told them that 3 was impossible, but I'd do my best to split up the list correctly. The glances they exchanged said it all: "she's not going to like this..."

I was in the dining room around 4:30 helping to sort out the mess of who-gets-which-favors and in walks a different lady associated with the wedding. She's the groom's aunt. The bride's mother sent her (apparently she was expendable) to find out what the "problem" was with the tables. I gave her the reconfigured seating chart and sent her on her way.

I guess the rest of the night went smoothly as far as this party was concerned. No one was raving about them later. And when I went into the kitchen later on, Chef handed me a half-piece of cake. With raspberry mousse. I can only imagine that it was leftovers from Bridezilla's cake. And it was delicious.

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brownin4days said...

Why do people act like that over a wedding? What a shame?