28 January, 2007

Darn Pig

Zoe scratched open her head wound again in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Last night it was much less shiny and oozy, but just the same we decided to change out the litter in her cage for towels ($1.50 each at wal mart). My theory was that the towels have less dust and other particles to settle onto her head. Of course, the little poops are also WAY more visible, but since she's not entered into any housekeeping competitions, I think that's ok.

I just wonder what the vet is going to do now. I'm pretty sure he ruled out staples because the cut was too wide. Don't they have some kind of liquid bandage for animal cuts? We're obviously not going to be able to stick her in one of those anti-scratching-satellite-dish-collars. Not only is her head the wrong shape, but if she could wear one, she'd just walk around like a tiny shovel scooping up litter from her cage.

Oh well, I guess we'll find out on Tuesday. Unless she's looking bad tomorrow and they can actually see her.


Janette said...

Poor Zoe! I know they have a surgical glue that they use sometimes in the place of stitches. They use that to glue the edges of the wound together so I don't know if would work on a wide wound.

Poor Jamie! I know you have to be worried about her. I hope the vet has a simple solution.

Mommy Joy said...

I rather LIKE the idea of the Elizabethan collar! As long as you have her on towels ....
sounds like it might work.
Then again, unlike a dog or cat, her head is the same size as her neck, n'cest pas? Maybe surgical glue is the best thing ... it's really just sterile super glue.
Maybe she's lonely ...
Maybe you need to get another pig.