21 January, 2007


So this random woman on the phone today gave me a recipe for chocolate mousse. Seriously. I didn't ask, she just gave it to me. I called to confirm a reservation for her husband's 70th birthday (shh... it's a surprise!) and she started listing ingredients. And I wrote them down. So now I'm passing it on to you. Feel free to pass along to someone else who needs an unsolicited chocolate mousse recipe!

6 oz. Nestle morsels
6 eggs, separated
1TBS vanilla

Melt chocolate in double-boiler. Whip egg yolks. Whip egg whites to soft peaks. Mix yolks into melted chocolate. Add vanilla. (it's very important that you add the vanilla AFTER the yolks. from personal experience, she told me that adding the vanilla first will cause the chocolate to harden. she doesn't know why.) Fold in egg whites. Pour into serving bowls, refrigerate.

I was also told that it looks nice in stemmed glassware. And that the lack of added sugar makes this a guilt-free dessert.

Bon Apetit!


Janette said...

You lost me at "double boiler"!

Mommy Joy said...

Thank you so much for volunteering for all of us to come have a sample of your new dessert specialty!