06 January, 2007


This requires no commentary whatsoever:


Mommy Joy said...

Michael and I are requesting that you do that to our faces too!

We'll pay!

I just got my new FL DL with my new name on it, and the picture they took looks like someone took a picture of you and aged it ... like they do for missing persons. I look like an old, tired version of you!

Color me Brown, I'm pooped!

Thanks for the laugh ... and I totally see the Sally Field thing! And the Winona thing ... the rest are pushing it ... I never heard of the young one!

And Scott was totally screwed! I guess they don't have Mr. Incredible in their database!

Janette said...

Okay, I'll never look at you and Winona the same again.

and Scott and the Dali Lama...HAHAHAHA!!!!!

I'm going to upload new photos of me and Jon just to see what it says now. It was a heckuva lotta fun last time.