06 January, 2007

Photo Happy

And now for something completely different. Boy, the smell of those baking brownies must have induced euphoria! I know that my first few posts of the year have skewed toward the negative, so I decided to throw some happy into the blog! And what could be happier than focused pictures of my babies???

This is my first picture of 2007. ZoePig braves the world outside her rainbow cave for a few carrots. Yes, her cage does need a cleaning. Thank you for noticing!

Milo proves that even supermodel kitties have an "ugly moment" or two! This picture would have been great if a) I had taken it a second before when he was in mid-roll and b) if I had not snapped it from the "look at the remains of my feline gonads" vantage point. For some reason, he reminds me of road kill in this picture. Perhaps it's the vacant stare...

Thank you for indulging my inner mommy for a moment there.


MommyJoy said...

Thank you for indulging my inner grammy! I love seeing pictures of my widdle boy!

Janette said...

They're both adorable! Dirty cages, gonads and all!