29 January, 2007

All About the Food...

What would a post about food be without a picture of my custom m&m? She's drinking coffee and wearing bunny slippers because I was cold (and still am) when I designed her. Want to make your own? Click here!

Really, the point of this entry is to tell you what we're having for lunch today: braised pork chops in cider-horseradish cream sauce. I was going to link to the recipe, but apparently is having some issues with its recipe search this morning. Anyway, we're out of baby carrots, so we're going to have spinach instead. I'll be sure to post an update to let you know how they've come out.

As for the rest of the day, Scott is working, and I am going to Mike and Reyna's to help them pack for their big move tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure where they are moving to, but she says it's closer to us. And it's in a house. That's a step in the right direction. Every other renter we know is moving into our apartment complex. Really, 3 of my former co-workers are here, 1 of my current co-workers, and Scott says he knows almost 10 others. It's time to move!

Update: the pork chops were decent. the recipe could use a little tweaking - more horseradish maybe - but I found it highly edible.

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A former resident & Mommy said...

When you live within 10 miles of the largest single site employer in the world, and you also are employed by said employer ....

well, you do the math!

Don't move! That's the coolest little community! Where else in Central Florida can you stroll down the Avenida? Hmmm?