09 January, 2007


Today was to have been the middle of my three-day weekend - a day to sit on the couch and watch TV, a day to get housework done, and then a day trip to Sarasota to see AIDA. I was actually thinking of how great and refreshing it would be to work a mere 40 hours.

...then one of the part-timers got sick.

So I went in to work this afternoon. So much for the housework day! I got lucky and was able to escape in 6.5 hours, getting home in time for a late dinner of baked chicken and asparagus.

...then Scott got off late.

So I decided to make cheese sauce and we were going to have all veggies for dinner.

...then the asparagus turned out to already be rotten.

So we made "fondue" with cheese sauce, broccoli, and triscuits. Hey man, that's about the healthiest dinner I've had in a week! Bonus: I made an entire batch of cheese sauce, and now 1/2 of it is in the fridge awaiting use as a tasty spread on even more triscuits.

In other news, Scott and I each recently acquired a pack of Bloonies. Randomness, thy name is Christmas! Somehow, my childhood didn't include Bloonies. That might, perhaps, explain my great burning desire to create bubble sculptures and then squish them together and pop them like bubble wrap.

Of course, eventually my inner mad scientist kicked in and I decided to perform a little experiment: How long will a bubble sculpture last if I'm not poking at the bubbles?

To avoid temptation, I needed to put the sculpture out of my field of vision during the aforementioned sit-on-the-couch day. So I stuck it to the bathroom mirror:

It was great! I have a pretty short attention span, so every time I went into the bathroom it was like a little surprise party for me. And then Scott came home from work and he had forgotten about the bubbles too!

But alas, this evening (the sculpture had been on its mount for about 30 hours) we decided that the experiment was over. (Solution: The sculpture will last longer than I am willing to wait to form a theory) It turns out that the plastic goo the Bloonies are made out of is part shrink wrap and part super glue. I have taken multiple passes at scrubbing the remaining plastic off the mirror, but it just won't budge.

This is possibly not funny. I mean, it was funny when I peeled about half of each bubble off the mirror and the other half remained behind. It was funny when I realized you couldn't just peel the stuff off like sunburned skin. And I'm still laughing at the fact that the glass wipes barely scratched off the surface. I just worry that it might not be funny when we move out and lose valuable deposit money.

Until then, I choose to laugh. What else is there to do?

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MommyJoy said...

I don't think I ever saw bloonies outside the store. They're pretty cool!