19 January, 2007

Fun With Cats

You know, a title like that should really come with photos. Sadly, this just happened and there was no time for a photo.

I came out into the living room to an empty cat food bowl, which means two unhappy cats. Usually Kilo does that walk-directly-under-my-feet-until-I-accidentally-kick-him routine, but this morning both cats were in on it. And rather than walk under me, they both walked side-by-side about 3 feet in front of me all the way through the kitchen (yep... all 10 feet of it!). I looked down and it was as if I had a feline security escort, or maybe my cats wanted to enter a dog sled race. As soon as they guided me to the pantry, they turned around and walked back to the bowl, side-by-side. My little sentries!

Anyway, it amused me. Now I'm going to go finish my cereal.


Mommy Joy said...

lol! they know what they want, and where it is ... and when they're hungry enough, they don't waste time with the tripping mommy game!

Janette said...

It sounds like they thought they had you very well trained but you messed up. A mistake as big as an empty bowl required extra discipline!