26 January, 2007

Nice Touch

Recently I got two mailings from companies I was affiliated with. Both have convinced me that if I ever decide to run a business (doubtful, but work with me here!) that I must remember this message:

People love to get mail.

Really. I got a thank you card from my vet's office yesterday. It's not personalized, or even signed, but I really like the thought. About a month ago, I got a postcard from Locks of Love thanking me for my donation. It's not going to convince me to grow out my hair again, but it was still a nice touch... and a better souvenir than the shaggy mess I'm currently growing out!

1 comment:

Mommy Joy said...

It's true about mail, isn't it! Any time you can go to the mailbox and pull out something with handwriting on it ... it's a good thing.

But if you, or any of your readers for that matter, ever go into business, remember this: