26 January, 2007

What Not to Wear

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment: Reveal Your Teenage Fashion Disasters! Yes, whether it's big hair, Nehru jackets, acid-washed jeans or an ill-advised tattoo, let us know what about your style as a teenager you would change today.

You know, part of dressing conservatively is that you rarely have those "I wore that? In public???" moments. I managed to avoid the 6" high bangs that some of my classmates had in junior high altogether. I did have a pair of "Skids" that I begged my mom for, but only wore them to school once.

My big weakness seems to be color, even to this day. I'm just not that into tans and grays, and I enjoy seeing every color of the rainbow in my closet. Sometimes I wear things that don't quite match as much as I'd like, but I work in an office with two men. I bet I could wear jeans and they wouldn't notice.

My other weakness: free and cheap things. My last year of college, I think I owned maybe 3 shirts that I didn't get for free from some music festival or credit card company. And I still love the discount/clearance racks. After all, where else am I going to find a suede jacket (and it's green!) for $12?

Extra Credit: Are you kidding? Pictures, baby!

Well ok. I must confess, this picture is from a band recital in fifth grade - hardly my teenage years. But I thought it definitely brought home the "bright colors RULE" mentality that I have carried through life! (did I mention I no longer wear flourescents? I just wanted to make that abundantly clear. nowadays I stick with primaries and pastels)

By the way, who pairs a skirt like that with a polo? Yeah, me. That's what makes it "conservative," I guess.

Some other interesting things about this picture:
* the waistband of my skirt reads "Italian Boys" - don't ask me why!
* yep, that's a trumpet.
* and white leggings.
* ...but at least my ponytail isn't on the top of my head!


Janette said...

Aw, you're adorable!

A trumpet?! You play the trumpet? Does Scott still have his sax? Have y'all ever played together? Music, I mean!

Mommy Joy said...

Scott plays the sax? I didn't know this marriage involved a brass band!

Babe, that was my second favorite outfit of yours from your whole life.

I'm glad you like colors! They suit you!

Mommy Joy said...

Those wiggly letters are impossible to read sometimes!

The ParkHopper said...

I own a trumpet the same way I own a crib, $1000 worth of Franklin Mint collector dolls, a sewing machine, and a Strawberry Shortcake House: in theory.

You'd have to ask Señora Psychopath if it still exists or if it was pawned to pay for lace doilies or other such nonsense!

Janette said...

May Senora Psychopath be crushed in an avalanche of lace doilies!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Debbie Gibson hat?

Mami alegria said...

Lace doilies? Senor Psychopath es casado con suyo mama e abuela!