21 January, 2007

Empty Nest

I finished with my trainee on Friday night. Yay! At least we made it all the way through training without her just not showing up for work anymore. She's really good. The Boss likes her (hopefully not as much as me... I have favoritism issues...). And most importantly, she's a competent person who will be spending 24 hours a week making phone calls. That's bound to be a big help.

But now that I'm done juggling (remember, she started during the busiest two weeks of the year), I find myself looking around thinking, "what have I missed?" because I'm not doing three things at once anymore. And I miss having someone in the office with me. I just couldn't believe how quiet it was in there last night.

Alas, it will probably take me some time to adjust to the slower pace. But for now we have these "Standards of Business Conduct" online courses to take before the end of February. They are annual refreshers, spiced up with new graphics every year. I've already taken the harassment (lesson: wet t-shirt contests, and discussion thereof, are not appropriate in an office setting) and e-mail (lesson: don't e-mail crude jokes to your entire company) courses. How thrilling!

And of course, today is my FRIDAY!!! And I'm not even working any overtime this week. But between my dentist appointment tomorrow (crown for that kick-@$$ root canal) and Scott's dentist appointment on Wednesday, it's not going to feel like much of a weekend. Oh well, at least it's three days away from work.


Mommy Joy said...

Must be our week for doctors. I went to my GP who put me on diuretics ... and sent me to a skin doctor. My scary shoulder blob is nothing, the mole on my lip turned out to be something I never heard of: a veinous pool. In other words, I have a vericose vein on my lip! In other words, I have a LIP aneurism! The lump on my finger should come off ... when I can afford it. But it's not dangerous ... just a ganglion cyst. I do not apologize for all the words I can't spell. Hope your teeth are painless!

Janette said...

Good luck with the dentists!!!