27 July, 2006

Thinking of You...

I saw the story of the bacon martini, and instantly thought of Scott. I bet if it were made with Limoncello, he'd be all over that!

And in non-bacon news, it's likely that Karen over at The Naked Ovary will see her daughter's face for the first time tomorrow. I've been following her rollercoaster ride of adopting from China for about a year now, and feel like it's my own best friend getting the news. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way -- as of right now there are 494 comments on her "Stork Alert" entry. Hopefully she'll get her referral before I have to leave for work tomorrow... otherwise I'll be going crazy at work all day.

And in my own life... well, I scooped the cat box today. How's that for excitement?

1 comment:

Brownin50days said...

Maybe it's my mind ... or the angle of the camera ... I dunno ... but that bacon looks ... like it was unable to be "crisp" ... perhaps due to too much alcohol?