22 October, 2006

Boil Your Own Eggs

Dear lazy people of the world,

Egg salad is not difficult to make. First you hard-boil the eggs. Then you let them cool. Then you peel them. Then you slice them. Then you add mayo and whatever else you want (I recommend horseradish dijon, diced celery, and a dash of paprika) and stir. Viola!

Not only to you get the pleasure of serving your family something home made, with no preservatives, but you're less likely to be infected by bacteria that can kill kids and old people.

Really, boil your own damn eggs.


The ParkHopper

1 comment:

Janette said...

Hm, that really is sinking pretty low. Pre-made egg salad - yuck! At least there's no chance of me getting sick from that.

I am however suffering from spinach withdrawal. We used to have a spincach side salad just about every night. Since the e-coli scare Golf Guy has banned bag spinach and I just don't think that the other forms of greenery deliver as big of a nutritional punch as spinach.