22 October, 2006

Do They Make 12-Step Programs for Cats?

Honestly, I've put fresh turkey odds and ends on the floor and not gotten this kind of reaction. I think perhaps they both have a problem!

So why the bottle of champagne on the floor? Well, I wanted to take a picture, but didn't want cereal boxes or other assorted foodstuffs in the picture. Instead I got cats. Oh well... that's my life!!

And in case you were wondering about the champagne on the living room floor, it's a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Brut 1998. And it was a gift. Or a leftover. Or maybe a perk. At any rate, it's mine now and I can't wait for an excuse to celebrate and open it up - like maybe Halloween. Do you think this is a vintage that goes well with bulk chocolate?


Janette said...

Hmm, the review says that the finish has a hint of nougat and caramel - that always goes with chocolate! Since you have the gift of a free bottle of bubbly splurge for a nice box of chocolates and make an evening of it!

Scott said...

The review also says there are notes of tobacco and leather. I never thought I would want to drink tobacco and leather. Maybe I should smoke a wallet...