16 October, 2006

Caption the Cat, Technicolor Edition

I have combined my favorite new feature, Caption the Cat, with Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot this week: Turn something an unexpected color. Most photo editing software will let you fiddle with the hue of your photos: Use that feature to make your photo subject a color it would be impossible (or at least, very unlikely) for it to be in real life.

And so I present Milo in Blue:

I know you want to make a great caption for this picture. Personally, I'm even more smitten with him knowing that he looks just as good blue as his natural orange. It just proves that he's the prettiest cat ever.


The ParkHopper said...

I told him to stop drinking that blue toilet water. He just wouldn't listen!

Janette said...

"I'm going to hold my breath until mommy gives me another treat!"

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the pic of Milo. Thanks for visiting my journal! :)


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Where did that blue mouse go?