04 November, 2006

Hair Today...

...Gone Tomorrow!

It's official - Beth and I are going to get our hair chopped tomorrow. (yes, tomorrow. I have wonky days off this week due to a trade with a co-worker) I've already steadied myself emotionally for the inevitable bad haircut. It's only hair, and of course it'll grow back. And it'll be nice to have a 5-minute blow-dry in the morning. And my shampoo/condititioner usage will be cut in half. And Locks of Love is a worthy cause deserving of 10" of my hair... much more worthy than the bathroom drain!

So here's my hair on it's last day of longness, complete with red line approximating how much I'm going to lose. **gulp**


Janette said...

I really wish that I had the self-control to let my hair get that long. I think what you're doing is wonderful!

Don't forget to post a photo so we can see the new 'do!

Dawn Marie said...

Jaime - I just did the very same's freeing...and now that my hair has been short for a month..I'm growing it back.

I would like to suggest WIGS FOR KIDS as opposed to Locks for Love.
I have done fundraising for both and Locks for Love CHARGES patients for their WIGS FOR KIDS....EVERY CHILD RECEIVES ONE FOR NO MONEY...and is custom-made fitting better with no pull-ff's for the bullies on the playground. Please give this a second thought before donating it to Locks.

Thanks for the fun blog!
Tell you're mom to write me.