28 November, 2006

Pretty Things

Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot: You know what you think is pretty. Show us. It can be a person, a place, or thing, just as long as the primary reaction you (and hopefully others) get from seeing it is, my, that's pretty.

My first instinct was to pick a picture from our cruise last march, like the one above. This is the snorkel lagoon at Castaway Cay, filled with tropical fish, interesting "sunken treasure," and a gazillion children. Incidentally, this is where you'll find me in exactly one week!

But then I realized that I've been focusing too much this week on the future. Why not share something pretty from TODAY? So that's what I'm going to do. Although I'm sure most people would agree that Scott and I don't have pretty feet, our toenails sure look pretty! (My nail color, by the way, matches my bathing suit.) We spent the day out and about buying things like sunscreen, shorts, and pet food. And we got pedicures. Life is sweet.

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