21 November, 2006

Please Pass the Tums

It's all over... except for the leftovers.

What's truly great about the amount of food in the fridge is that we sent everyone home with extra food. AND we pawned off some other leftovers on Mom and Michael. And I snagged some of Janette's sweet potatoes. I think that'll be breakfast tomorrow. Since Scott and I are both working, we're going to carpool. I'm setting my own hours - I only wish that his hours weren't quite so early. At least we'll be home in time for dinner.

And for anyone who might be wondering what I'll be doing two weeks from today, I'll be eating burgers at Cookie's Barbeque.


NJlovespnge said...

What's over? What day is it?

The ParkHopper said...

hey man... don't tell me you've forgotten what it's like to work on holidays...

Janette said...

Mmm, all of it was soooo tasty! Especially the pies!!!

Thanks so much for the food and fun!