27 November, 2006

Conversing with My Husband

Actual telephone conversation between myself and my husband as I was driving home last night:

Me: Have you been to the Hess station since it reopened?
Him: No
Me: It's cool - they have hand sanitizer and other cleaning stuff inbetween the pumps.
Him: Oh yeah. By "no" I actually meant, "yes. I filled up there last night on my way home."

He's so weird!

Honestly, the station is really cool. They have these state of the art pumps (with a separate pump for each grade of gas). And the little island where the squeegees are has pumps of hand sanitizer, plastic mitts (in case you REALLY don't want to touch the pump?), and some kind of wipes. Hand sanitizer seems like a total no-brainer. I think that's pretty good customer service. I wonder why more places haven't installed anything like that.


Janette said...

ARG! Color me jealous! We were loyal Hess station customers until they changed our station to a Chevron. A nasty Cheveron, at that. Now I'm driving across town to a Sunocco for gas.

Michelle said...

Your husband sounds similar to mine from that conversation :)