01 November, 2006

Happy November!

I learned today that November is National Blog Post Month, or NaBloPoMo. Of course I signed up. I blog almost every day anyway. Although there's a reason I don't blog every day. Sometimes I just run out of things to say. Look for a random picture or other stupidity on those days.

Plus, I'm going on vacation to Vero Beach (two nights in an oceanview room for about $150 - it's like a warm-up for our "real" vacation in December) in a couple weeks. So I guess I'll have to pre-post some entries, since I don't have a laptop to bring along.

Today we have to go all the way out to the Florida Mall area to get this stupid insurance inspection done for my car. Geico, by the way, is not my favorite company anymore. They may have saved me a bunch of money, but the aggravation of filling out my life story in triplicate may actually have been worth more than the money I saved! We're going to hit the mall to find new work shoes for both of us, and I want to swing through the department stores to check out the clearance racks. My favorite black dress pants recently tore right up the butt and I need a replacement pair. And then we have to go grocery shopping too.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Gah!

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