11 November, 2006

Winner, Party of 2

Scott and I had quite a week in the world of silly contests. I won a copy of the Desperate Housewives PC game (I can't wait to sleep with John the hot gardener! What? That's not the point of the game? Darn!). And Scott won a $5 gift card from Kohl's.

In other news, I'm on the downward slope of my whopping 5-day work week. This is great, because we're going to wake up Monday, pack our bathing suits and my bottle of champagne, and drive off into the sunset. Hmm...we're going east...I guess that means we'll be driving off into the sunrise. And since we'll be travelling in the middle of the day, let's just say "driving off away from here!" And of course, it's November. The bathing suits are more of a symbolic gesture.

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Janette said...

The game looks, err - interesting. No, I'm lying. It looks like you'd be pretending to be part of a soap opera. Maybe there's a way to turn it into a drinking game. Or you could sell it on Ebay. They seem to go for about $15.

Just don't plan on re-gifting that puppy to me!

Congratulations on winning stuff!