23 November, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving anyone out there who wasn't eating turkey at my house on Tuesday. Not that you *can't* or *shouldn't* have a happy Thanksgiving... But it's really just another work day here in the ParkHopper household. (is it wrong that I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a hand-out at work today??) At least Scott's area is having a potluck! Anyway, it's time for me to scrounge for leftovers to take to work.

Maybe next year I'll use a picture other than this emu for my Thanksgiving entry. Probably not... I do love it so!

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Janette said...

But I lurv the emu! He's so cute, much cuter than a turkey.

Let the turkeys have Thanksgiving. The emu can be the official bird of pre-Thanksgiving (or post-Thanksgiving) since we never actually celebrate on Thanksgiving day anyway.