30 November, 2006

Practically No Time At All

I'm a little scattered today. Bear with me.

I have three more shift left at work this week. In theory, this would be 30 hours. But I am really going to bust my butt on Saturday to get everything done and leave early. I did an OT shift yesterday, making enough calls so that we're calling 10 days in the future. Our goal is 7-10 days, and this means that even if my vacation replacement doesn't make any calls we won't be behind when I return. I feel very good about that. Plus possibly the best news of the day is that the part-timer that "we" interviewed has accepted the position and starts with us the week before Christmas. Baptism by fire, I guess!

Scott and I have actually started packing. I'm rather impressed with us. Although this was a necessary step, since only he has off the day before the cruise and he's not really an expert at packing (for our Vero trip, he packed three shirts - a t-shirt, a polo, and a sweater - and it seemed he wore at least two of those every day!). I even have my dinner outfits picked out. The two really remarkable things about this are: I'll be wearing skirts or dresses every night, and NONE of these are outfits I wore on the last cruise.

Among items not yet packed are a bathing suit I bought online - 2 sizes smaller than my actual butt size because spandex stretches - that's still too freaking baggy! So we're going to wash it and dry it in the dryer to see if that helps. I also bought a ton of new underwear that have yet to go through the wash. There's a post coming on one of these. Too funny for words. But I have to take a picture to get the full effect. And a few pairs of pants - khakis and jeans and stuff - need to be washed before we can pack them.

I feel like we're in pretty good shape (packing-wise, not physical-fitness-wise) and won't be running around like crazy on Sunday morning.

Today is the last day. And I did it! At least one post per day for the entire month of November. I deserve a cookie. I wonder how many of the participants actually made it through?

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