25 November, 2006

Extended Family

I know that I have some family members out there who read my blog. I don't know how regularly they are here, but every now and then I'll be somewhere and mention something about my life and I'll hear, "oh yeah, I read that in your blog."

Somehow this makes me paranoid. I really don't care if completely random strangers know if I'm not happy with a family member, but gossip travels rather quickly in my family and I know that saying anything like I'm about to say is ultimately going to get me in trouble. Eff it. If you can't be honest with your family, who can you be honest with? And so I'm going to rant:

If I have not heard from you in the past five years, it is not appropriate for you to call me and leave a voicemail asking for free or cheap theme park tickets. If I have e-mailed you, and it took you three months to write back ("oh and by the way, we're coming to town! can you help us out?"), you are going to get nothing from me. If you call me and leave a message and I don't call you back, TRY AGAIN. Don't have your mommy e-mail me and ask me to play nice.

I have mentioned
before that I feel like the black sheep of my family. I flat-out refuse to have my cog in the extended family wheel be the one that's ignored until someone wants to go on vacation. Send me a damn Christmas card. Drop me an e-mail every six months. At least pretend that you didn't have to ask someone else how to get in touch with me so that you could solicit something from me.

And thus endeth the rant. Obviously my feelings have been a little hurt and that's something I'm going to have to deal with. But I know this too shall pass.

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NJLovesponge said...

Can you hook me up with some park tickets? How about a 40% off shopping jaunt to WOD? You're the best...hope not to see you at the next family wedding :)