06 November, 2006

Oh No!

I guess it's a good thing we went to Gatorland when we did!
A massive fire at one of Central Florida's oldest attractions, Gatorland, engulfed the park's gift shop and damaged other surrounding offices and structures, including the well-known alligator mouth entrance Monday, according to Local 6 News.

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This picture is the best I've seen. That, of course, is the giant gator mouth you have to walk through to get into the gift shop. Well, had to walk through...

They say that the only animals killed were the creepy-crawlies they kept in the gift shop. And the firefighters did a great job keeping the fire from spreading down the old wood boardwalk through the primary gator enclosure.

As much as I thought Gatorland was a cheesy little roadside attraction, it was something I enjoyed. I hope they're able to rebuild and reopen.

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Janette said...

I HAD NO IDEA!!!! (This is what I get for refusing to watch or read any news at all in the run up to the elections.) I'm shocked and stunned and a little weepy.

Yeah, it was cheesy but it was my cheesy. My FLORIDA cheesy! I can't remember the first time I went really but I remember Scott's and I have equally fond memories of taking Jon's niece and nephew for their first time.

I'm just so sad....