01 August, 2009

August 2009: You Are Entitled to My Opinion

I've once again been peer pressured into participating in NaBloPoMo. The theme is "tomorrow," but instead of looking to the future (if I wrote an entry about tomorrow it would probably say "I'm looking forward to working with a skeleton crew tomorrow. Oh, and also sleeping in past 8:00.") I've decided to look to the past, and spend a whole month reviewing random things.

And so I present August 2009 NaBloPoMo: YAEtMO!

Today I'm starting with a fun little gadget Scott and I picked up off the clearance rack at Publix: the Dove SkinVitalizer. You may have seen the commercials for this little thing and giggled, "hey - it's a vibrator for your face!" I think every company that makes face wash came out with something similar about the same time.

Really, if it hadn't been on the clearance rack, I never would have brought it home. It seems silly - my fingers and my favorite face wash were doing a fine job washing my face! Scott and I have both used the DSV for two days now, and I'm ready to go back to my old routine.

My primary issue with this little device is that it's incredibly wasteful. Not only does it run on batteries, it also uses these little disposable "pillows" that stick to the surface of the gadget. This means I'm having to throw something out after every shower (actually, I try throwing it out from the shower, but end up picking it up from wherever it flew to and then putting it in the trash can once I'm out of the shower).

And while I admit that on day 2 my cheeks were smoother than they were before, I don't feel that my nose and forehead are as clean as they would otherwise be. It's almost as if the cleanser is too gentle. And don't even ask me to wash my face in two steps... that's just not good time management!

Fun sideshow: turn the DSV on and press it against the bridge of your nose. This morning it nearly made me sneeze!

Out of 5 stars, I give the Dove SkinVitalizer ***.

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wickedmess said...

Yay, I like product reviews!

I had actually considered buying one of the SkinVitalizers. Now I know to just save my money & stick with my loofah. Thanks!