07 August, 2009

Excitement? It's in the Mail!

Great day at the mailbox today!

The 2010 IKEA catalog has arrived, but I haven't even looked at it yet.

What's been monopolizing my attention? We got our season tickets to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center "Best of Broadway" series. And our seats are incredible! They are front row center of the balcony (3rd level, after orchestra and mezzanine). These are the seats we're going to have for Wicked in February, Mary Poppins in May, plus Cirque Dreams Illumination, South Pacific, In the Heights, and Little House on the Prairie (hey - every season has a weak link! plus Melissa Gilbert is in it... that makes it slightly less lame). The series also includes two other shows in the smaller theaters - Godspell and Wonderland.

Did I mention how INCREDIBLE the seats are going to be???

We saw Wicked from the back row of this section a few years back, and saw Spamalot from the very edge of the section in March. It's far away, but I'd rather be up high than in the back of the orchestra section underneath the overhang. A clear view of everything at once is better than watching the spit flying!

Now that we're getting the hang of Tampa, and have figured out which exit has the giant wine store, the Target with a parking garage and all the restaurants, making a day trip should be less painful than previous trips. Sure it means probably not getting home until 1 or 2 in the morning, but we opted for the Thursday series and we have Fridays off to recover.

Come on, October!!!

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wickedmess said...

I picked up my IKEA catalog today! Can't wait to sit down with Golf Guy and look through it (shh, don't tell but he enjoys it, too)!

The seats sound great! I know you and Mr. Parkhopper will enjoy them. Kudos for conquering Tampa. Driving there scares the beejeesus out of me.