06 August, 2009

A Whole New Blog

So... I'm strangely attached to my new template already. I got my blog lists on the sidebar back up and running, and took out the links to my tags (didn't have them on the old blog anyway). Of course, the only way I could make the title of the blog work was to change the way it was written. That's my only big disappointment.

Thanks to the recently-redid-her-own-blog wickedmess for the link to the site where I got the template. If I had known it was going to be so easy, I would have done this two years ago!

(and if you hadn't noticed, every time you refresh the page, the flickr pictures at the top change. it's my favorite part of the new design)

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

Oh, Blogger blog code is ridiculously easy to change! And to hack, for that matter. I'm glad you finally took the plunge. (If you want, I could look at your code & see if I can get your original title to work.)

I'm glad I inspired you, I like the new theme, too. The flickr feed at the top IS the best part!