15 August, 2009

Something Wicked (Tasty) This Way Comes

Coming soon to an apartment complex near someone you know:

Cohen's Deli & Butcher Shop
(which so far doesn't have much of a web presence)

Bagels "hot from the oven!" Matzo ball soup! Sandwiches! Salads! Desserts!

I know it's probably too much to expect that the food will be as good as I remember from my childhood, or even as good as TooJay's, but I have my fingers crossed. And you can bet I'll be there on or slightly after September 1 to try out the new place!

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

Ah, you fixed the links! I meant to check it out but something shiny distracted me and I never got back to it. Much better!

I like the idea of Cohen's if for no other reason I can try "real" matzo ball soup. Your mom talked me into cooking it for myself once and it was less than a success. I blame it on having no frame of reference.