17 August, 2009

Floridians: They're Just So Precious!

The last time we went grocery shopping, Scott stopped to talk to an old friend. This friend had just returned from a family trip up into the mountains of North Carolina. He said something with such child-like awe that I still giggle every time I think about it:

We took the kids swimming in a creek. You can swim in creeks up there. There's no alligators.

Wow...a place where you can swim without fear of gator attack? Tell me more about this magical land!

In the same conversation, they also discussed the phenomenon of Florida Snow. (my term, not theirs) Florida Snow occurs once annually, usually in the parking lot of a grocery store, when a dump truck offloads a ton of slush and kids wait in line to climb the mountain and experience "real snow." I actually remember this from my own early childhood when we lived in south Florida. Really, I don't know that I'll ever drag my hypothetical kids to something like this. I think the snow on Main Street USA during the MK Christmas parties is a much better representation of what it's really like.

I know, it's all about perspective. Hell, I still get excited when I see a real live alligator sunning next to a pond in the "wild" of Orlando. I even marvel at armadillos (armidilli?) and egrets and herons. And oh lordy... the number of dumb tourists I see who are freaked out by lizards! Where I'm from, we have deer and squirrels. That's about it. But at least our lakes (when not frozen) can be used without fear of reptile or amoeba!

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wickedmess said...

Seriously? Was that a native Floridian? Because Golf Guy and I grew up swimming in Florida lakes. The only reason we don't still jet ski around here is because the lakes have gotten so filthy and disgusting. And still we wouldn't hesitate to kayak - that's what we're planning on doing on next vacation. Most gators are afraid of people, they aren't looking at big, fat tourists as snacks. Now Fido, that's a different story.

I never did the snow-in-the-parking-lot thing but then I'd rather eat a bug than be cold. Voluntarily playing in ice sounds crazy to me. I keep telling Golf Guy that if we ever move out of Florida we have to move further south! LOL!