24 August, 2009


"The problem with having ants in your pants is that occasionally one falls out and bites your foot." Jamie-ism

For the past week, Scott and I have noticed a little family of ants in our bathroom. There were never more than two or three at a time, and they weren't near us, just walking across the floor. They weren't anywhere else in the house either. We couldn't figure out where they came from or where they were going, and we didn't really care.

Then I saw one in front of the washer.

Then I had one crawling on my shirt in the living room.

Then my pinkie toe started itching like crazy.

Last night I saw one bump on my toe and wasn't 100% sure it was a bug bite. I thought maybe it was one of those weird water blisters (that's what we called them growing up - not sure that's a common phrase) that I occasionally get on my fingers. Then a while later I noticed there were two of them. Definitely bites. So I put a blob of Benadryl cream on a band-aid and mummified my weirdest, tiniest appendage.

Time to get rid of the ants.

So when I was done with my shower this morning, I put the hamper in the middle of the floor and sprayed some Raid (turns out our roach killer is actually ant & roach killer. how convenient!) around the border of the floor. Hopefully that solves our little situation. At the very least it should slow them down for a few days and give my toe a chance to heal in peace.

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