25 August, 2009

It's Going Around

(please excuse me while I whiiiiiiiiine for a minute)

A co-worker lost her voice and has been battling a sore throat for over a week.

A manager came in yesterday having slept for 14 hours and still felt lousy.

A chef worked one day last week with what can only be described as Kathleen Turner-itis.

I've woken up for the past three days with a headache and a sore throat.

And Elphie just puked half her weight right by the front door.

We need to shut down The Restaurant so that we can all heal. And while I'm in bed, Scott can watch over Elphie.


wickedmess said...

YUCK! I HATE it when people come to work sick.

I hope you feel better soon!

mamajoy said...

My smart daughter recommends Airborne ... and it works!