02 August, 2009

Lazy Sunday, Feline Edition

I just spent the last hour sitting in this exact spot doing my normal blog-jog through the blogs on my side bar. Also for the last hour, I've been doing that strictly using my right hand and the mouse, because my left arm was pinned on my lap by Elphaba.

This cat has quirks that my boy cats just don't have. She ignores me for days, and then demands attention for hours on end. She's like a camel of love! And don't even try to walk through the bedroom door or the front door without dangling her rainbow string in front of her face. She'll either yell at you or just run through the door.

She also does that kneading-my-arm thing, which other cats of mine have done. Of course, Kilo has his "suckie toe." I know he got that because his mother was taken away from his litter when he was too young, and he had an older brother who let all the other cats suck on his toes. Then when Kilo came to live with me, Milo certainly wasn't going to let him play that game, so he started sucking on his own. Tiger, the first cat I ever loved, had a blanket that she'd suck on. Unfortunately for me, it was my blanket, and I never knew when I'd roll over and stick my foot in a wet spot. (hello, Google perverts!) At least Elphie just does the hand motions!

Alas, my bandy legged ginger cat (yes, I did blatantly steal that phrase from J.K. Rowling) has just jumped into the spot vacated by the kitten. He says hello, and also "pet me pet me pet me!" I think I'll go do that!


wickedmess said...

"She's like a camel of love!"

LOLOLOL! I love it! J.K. Rowling should steal that line from you!

You need to post more photos of your babies, especially Elphie. How big is she now?

Baxter won't sit on our laps at all, he may stand there for a few minutes for emergency pets but that's it. He wants us to lay down so he can spread out across our chests and stomach. He really, really wants his head on our chests. Maybe so he can hear our heartbeats, I don't know. Baxter's favorite time of the day is when Golf Guy lays down in bed to watch TV before going to sleep.

mamajoy said...

And after the wet spot, there was the dreaded CRUNCHY spot! She was a sweetie though. Funny you should mention her, I dreamed about Mr. French last night!