28 August, 2009

Bonus Picture

Yes, I almost forgot to blog today. And I'm really tired and don't have a whole lot to say tonight. Instead, I present a bonus picture from the model. Here's the not quite a garden, but certainly bigger than your average, tub in the master bathroom.

Neither Scott nor I really like the pre-fab molded wall with the built-in shelves, but it's removable. I imagine some day we'll take on tiling it. For now, I'm just fantasizing about lounging in it. This bathtub almost single-handedly makes all the organizing and packing, followed by the inevitable moving and unpacking, seem worth it!


wickedmess said...

Ooh, you just made it! I posted something silly just to get by - better than nuthin'!

That is a sweet tub. I know you have to be looking forward to the fist good soak!

mamajoy said...

When I worked for that plumber, she told me that the only tub worth having is one where you can lean against the back and have your feet reach the front. If they're too long, you float, and you can't relax.

.... thought I'd pass that on!

Love you! Love the new house buzz!

And we'll help you move! Nobody can really help with unpacking, but lots of people can pack and schlep!