04 August, 2009

Bonus Opinion: Banana-Rum Pancake Topping

Scott was making pancakes for breakfast (because he's a domestic god) and I was eyeing the darkening bananas on the counter. At first, I suggested cutting up some banana coins and dropping them into the pancakes, but then he thought up something akin to bananas foster (sans flambe because I'm a kill joy like that). So I made up some sauce:

1/4 cup butter, melted
1/4 cup brown sugar, dissolved into the melted butter
enough dark rum to turn the butter-sugar paste into a sauce
1 very ripe banana, cut into coins.

Now, I put the bananas in to soon, and ended up with banana sauce with some slimy chunks. If you leave them in for less than 1 minute, you'll get what I thought I wanted - a sauce with warm bananas. Then you basically leave the mix on the stove until the rum cooks down and the sauce thickens.

Pour over pancakes and orgasm.

Definitely ***** out of *****!
(by the way, you're going to want to have some bacon to cut some of the sweetness)

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

YUM! Sounds great! I'll have to try it for Golf Guy, he loves bananas foster.