16 August, 2006

Picture-y Goodness

I cleaned off my camera this morning. Here's what I found:

Giant Grasshopper Attacks Florida!
OK, giant grasshopper attaches itself to our livingroom window, driving Milo crazy for a good 5 minutes. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Milo attacking the glass. But I did get two pictures of Milo sitting on the blue chair.

Is there ANY doubt he's the prettiest kitty in the history of mankind?? I think he tolerates my photo-taking because he knows that his beauty must be shared with the world. Beautiful and thoughtful. Could it get any better? Hardly!

Finally, I wanted to share my latest mis-adventure in cooking. I started jonesing for Irish Potatoes a few days ago, and found a recipe with ingredients that seemed pretty close to the ones I remembered from my childhood:

1 (16 oz.) pkg. cream cheese
1 lb. box 10X sugar
1 can Baker's coconut (opt.)
1 sm. jar or can fresh ground cinnamon

But here's the tricky part: 1 average brick of cream cheese is 8 oz. So I bought 1 brick. And then guesstimated the powdered sugar. And we also got a bag of Baker's coconut instead of a can. So I guesstimated that too.

The resulting mixture was so sticky and slimy I had to keep putting it back in the fridge to harden up so that I could work with it. The end result, while not quite the consistency I remembered, was quite tasty. And they look like Irish Potatoes are supposed to.
By the way, you can see last night's other treat in the top-left corner of the picture - a bottle of Banfi Rosa Regale - my favorite wine. How could I not love anything that's pink and bubbly?

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Brownin30days said...

Where did you get the Rosa Regale? I have a bottle that I'm saving for the wedding night. Boy! Those Irish Potatoes sure do look good! They'd make the latest new MUST HAVE item for a wedding reception, don't you think?