27 August, 2006


Scott's birthday present (aside from the cake and balloons and the TV) from me was a 600 thread count sheet set. Sadly, they were white. But I guess clearance sale beggars can't be choosers. Almost immediately after opening his gift, Scott had thrown them in the washer so that they could go straight onto the bed. We put them on yesterday afternoon and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was in love.

It's not so much that the sheets are unbelieveably soft (we'll blame Scott's brain fart and lack of fabric softener for that). They're thick. And they just feel so luxurious. Yeah - luxury - that's the word.

In case anyone out there was wondering, it took trips to 3 separate pharmacies to find one that could fill my pain pill prescription. And did I mention that Panlor SS isn't covered by my insurance? It's a mild version of Tylenol with Codeine. WHY would that not be covered??? Well as soon as I got my prescription filled, I popped one of those suckers.

Never take a new prescription when you're out and about and you don't know how it will affect you.

We were on our way to Epcot for dinner when I took the pill. And it kicked in right about the time we were being seated. I started to feel a little shaky, like my blood sugar had dropped. And then I just felt drunk. The pain never really went away, but I didn't really care anymore. Of course, I had worn flip flops and (who didn't see this coming?) had blisters between my toes. That pain didn't go away either.

After dinner, as soon as we got out of Epcot, I took my shoes off for the walk back to Boardwalk. And of course I came home with black feet. Well I certainly wasn't going to put those black feet on my brand new white sheets! (oh my GOD! the story has gone full-circle!) So I filled up the tub with about 3" of soapy water and did my own imitation of that I Love Lucy grape-stomping episode. I scoured my feet on the astroturf mat in the tub for almost 15 minutes. And though my feet still aren't completely foot-colored (even after today's shower), no black came off on the sheets. Hooray for me!

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Brownin20days said...

So how much was the drug? Cheap, I hope!