14 August, 2006


Two days ago, John sent me his weekly Saturday Night Trivia e-mail. It made me miss the Call Center. Any fleeting thoughts of "I miss that place" just flew right out of my head when I saw an article in about the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars:

The show, which kicks off with a two-hour season premiere on Sept. 12, will also feature actor Harry Hamlin (husband of Dancing season-two alum Lisa Rinna), Kill Bill star Vivica A. Fox and Saved by the Bell actor Mario Lopez.

Other celebs who will compete for a mirror-ball trophy include MSNBC news anchor Tucker Carlson, talk-show host Jerry Springer, Monique Coleman from the Disney Channel's High School Musical, country singer Sara Evans, pop star Willa Ford, onetime teen idol Joe (formerly Joey) Lawrence and NFL champ Emmitt Smith.

What's the correlation between this show and the Call Center? We used to be inundated with calls every night that DWTS ran an elimination show. People got really attached to their favorites, and got really angry when one was voted off... or even didn't get as many votes as people thought they should. And when you get angry at reality TV, who do you call?

The upcoming season actually has a few "stars" that I might enjoy watching - Vivica Fox and Mario Lopez for actual potential talent, and Tucker Carlson and Jerry Springer to make me feel graceful! I got into last season because it was always on when I took my lunch break. Even Scott got into it, voting for Jerry Rice every week.

I'm glad that this year I won't be talking to the crazies, and that I won't be stressing over the spike in call volume. I gladly leave that to John and the rest of the gang.

...I might even call to complain if Mario gets voted off!

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Janette said...

HA! I don't normally care for those kinds of shows but I was hooked on that one because of Jerry Rice. I voted for him every week too.