06 August, 2006

Not Quite Alone

My manager decided this week that we work in an OFFICE, and that people walking by on their way to the cafeteria hootin' and hollerin' (my words, not his) were a distraction. So we are now keeping the door closed. He even took the doorstop and hid it after two people in a row opened the door and immediately propped it open.

I'm buying a little desktop fan this weekend so that I don't suffocate in there, but that's not my point.

Now that the door is closed, I've noticed something strange about the people who walk by: They don't know we're in there, and they act like they are alone. Yesterday, my two managers and I were sitting in the office (which rarely happens), and we were all doing quiet work (which never happens), and all of a sudden, the sounds of Gregorian chanting were coming through the wall we share with the cash room. Seriously. Actual chanting. This guy was going to town!

Have I mentioned that my office is part office, part storage? Ask Scott - he was shocked when he saw how ghetto it is. Well, we got a new shipment of coffee yesterday (yep - we have our own custom blend), and guess where it is? That's right - in my office. And now I think I'm getting caffeinated on the fumes alone!

Anyway, work is going pretty well. And today is my friday. But I still have to wake up tomorrow, because we're taking Scott's car to the dealership for his turn at "let's spend lots of money on our cars." Hopefully this will be our last big expenditure for a while.


Janette said...

Gregorian chanting?? Was he sacrificing a virgin or something? How weird!

Brownin41days said...

Rex add mere apple leaks.
Atrium fat tore noble lease.
Dull chain go on a fob elite.
So Tuesday see my analyst.
So Tuesday see my analyst.

I love knowing that you know that song!

I was actually hoping you had heard something really juicy from people walking down the hall.