22 April, 2010

Biker Gang

Who wants to join my biker gang?

That's right baby - I got a bike! Scott got a bike too, but I can't find it on the internet. And we bought a car rack for them. We got them home in one piece, and then took them for a quick test-loop through the last undeveloped bit of our development. Everything seems to be in working order. I'm looking forward to getting out for a ride that lasts longer than 3 minutes.

I can't wait to get out on the West Orange Trail and maybe even Ft. Wilderness (combine an afternoon of bike riding with a buffet lunch of fried chicken and pulled evens out, right?).

We can't really get safely outside our development without loading the bikes onto the car because our closest major road is under construction and we don't want to die. So while I'd love to say we're going to bike to the store or some other Earth-conscious claim, right now it would be a big fat lie.

Our purchase entitled us to a $100 shopping card that's valid next week. At that point, we'll get locks and a pump and whatever else we can get for free. Maybe a backpack for our vacation.

Picture(s?) to come...probably tomorrow...


wickedmess said...


So jealous! That's pretty damned awesome and I hope you both have a great time with them!

mamajoy said...

jealous too!
cool bike trails are everywhere these days!