20 April, 2010

Not For Sale

Look! I made art!

This used to be a plain white tissue box holder sitting on my desk at work. And then I realized there was a Sharpie in my pencil cup. I intended to cover one side completely in my own weird filigree pattern, but stopped with just a partial border.

It looked so pretty that I did another side.

And then it looked so pretty... that I put the Sharpie back in the cup and vowed to not mess with it anymore.

...but I really want to mess with it some more!

While I was doing this, I thought how much fun it would be to do that on light switch covers. Just a little pop of design on an otherwise blank surface. Maybe I'll go to Lowe's and buy a plain one, paint it purple, and find a metallic silver pen to doodle with. That sounds like a pretty cheap arts & crafts project. And hey - if it works, even better! I'll stick it in the powder room.

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