17 April, 2010


The little dietitian who lives inside my brain has decided to kill herself, since it's obvious she's going to continue to be unheeded. Taco dip for lunch, Arby's for dinner, chocolate cake for breakfast... it's like I'm a walking billboard for poor life decisions!

In my defense, Scott and I spent most of this week eating the leftovers from our grill party last weekend. And to further my defense, we brought 2 (nearly) whole cakes to our respective workplaces, and neither of us ate a slice.

Right now, Scott is starting to grill/cook our meat for the week. If there's room in the fridge, I'm going to make a few less-bad-than-taco-dip sides, including okra-tash (it's like succotash, but just okra and corn) and couscous. My hope is that I manage to avoid ALL fast food for the next 7 days, and that I eat at least one green vegetable per day. And maybe start my day with a glass of juice. And maybe not eat when I get home at 10:30 pm.

...but let's not go crazy. For now, green vegetables and no fast food. My insides thank me in advance. And maybe I can get the little dietitian off of suicide watch!

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wickedmess said...

"And maybe I can get the little dietitian off of suicide watch!" LMAO!

Yeah, GolfGuy and I are trying the eat-better-thru-baby-steps plan, too. No fast food, up the veggies and cut out the sodas. We started a few weeks ago and it's been pretty hit and miss so far. Here's wishing you an extra dose of will power!