11 April, 2010

Last Blog with Mary Jane

This will be my last blog on the old computer, thus the weird post title. And because I am incredibly tired this morning, but had to be awake for the FOUR HOUR 8-noon Geek Squad window (you'd think geeks would be better at scheduling!), here's some pictures of my cats:

Some more fun with perspective from Elphie and Kilo...only this time she does look smaller than she actually is. Also, yesterday someone said our stair rail looked like it came straight out of an Escher painting. I'm pretty sure she was referring to that part where Elphie is!

Milo contemplates the cranes. One of these guys came up 3 feet from me while I was taking pictures. Cool? Yes. Scary? Hell yes! Those things could peck my boobs out! (not quite tall enough to reach the eyes) I think Milo got enough of an up-close view of them to realize he was out-matched.

Also, now that I've gotten some good pictures of the sand hill cranes, I think I have a full collection of bird pictures and can now put together my own bird-spotting guide. But of course, part of me thinks I should wait until Fall so that I know I've seen the entire year's worth of birds.


wickedmess said...

LOL! Now that you mention it, it does look like Escher.

I've never known Sand Hill Cranes to be aggressive toward people, though they can put on quite a display trying to scare you off. We used to feed a pair at Baytree that would eat out of your hand (a bad thing, I know but I didn't start it)! It was a big deal for everyone each year when the colts would get old enough and the parents would bring it/them up to the clubhouse for the first time for introductions.

wickedmess said...

Oh, and once again ~ very creative post title! I've been humming that song all day now.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

they're not aggressive, but they fear no people. it's pretty obvious that they've been fed by someone!

and this guy wasn't even trying to scare me off. I genuinely think it would've come into the house if I hadn't been in the way!!