18 April, 2010

Window(s) Shopping

I recently discovered a site where I find myself alternating between "wow, I really need that!" and "wow, they really think someone is going to buy that?" It's Etsy. Etsy makes it really fun to window shop with their "pounce" function. It basically shuffles through the sellers, so even if you don't know what you want to look at, you'll figure it out.

Case in point: I need one of these. Scott agrees. Tell me you don't need one too!

I also just found out that there's a giveaway going on for one of those adorable aprons here. You know I'm entering that!!


Kate said...

I love Etsy. Have you played with the magic yet that is Regretsy ( If not - you should definitely scroll through - there are some true gems in there.

wickedmess said...

Jamie ~ LOVE the aprons! WANT! And I didn't know about the pounce function but I spent at least an hour playing with it so you're to blame for a new time waster.

Kate ~ Regretsy could be one of my new favorite sites! Awesome! Thanks for pointing it out.