27 April, 2010


I'm surrounded by cats right now. I've got Kilo on my lap sucking on his foot, Milo on the back of the couch, and Elphie was in front of Scott's couch, but now she has disappeared.

I guess that means I'm not actually surrounded...but still feeling smothered!

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wickedmess said...

I can sympathize. Baxter's favorite place in the world is laying on either me or GolfGuy (he prefers GolfGuy by far!) with his forehead pressed to our chin or cheek and one "arm" around our neck. It's very sweet...for about 2 minutes but he wants to hold that position for HOURS!

All I can think after 5 minutes is "I CAN'T BREATHE!!!" and I hit the eject button. Which is why GolfGuy is BAxter's favorite - they'll BOTH fall asleep that way!