23 April, 2010


Neither of the B&B's that I really liked online were available, and I took that as a sign.

We talked about it this morning, and Scott and I decided to put off our big vacation to Moab until this time next year, when we're hopefully in much better shape than we are now. The idea of hiking the trails of Arches or Canyonlands in my current lack of shape... I just think we'll get more out of it later on.

Make no mistake though, I will get to Dead Horse Point State Park before I die. I need to see this in person!
(plus, there's a brewery that makes "Dead Horse Ale" - you know we need that pint glass for our collection!!)

Don't feel sad for us. We're still going to GTFOH, we're just not sure where yet! One of the online travel sites - I think Travelocity - does last-minute discount packages all over the country. So depending on what's cheap, we're probably going to aim for the mid-Atlantic - NYC, Philly, or DC - for a long weekend.


wickedmess said...

That is gorgeous! I think it's great that you now have a goal. I'm sure it'll be just as beautiful when you make it there next year.

Good luck finding a last minute deal to somewhere else for now!

Amy said...

We LOVE Moab, actually all of Southern Utah. Our last Jeep still had Utah dirt in it when we sold it. If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon, do it first. After seeing Arches, Canyonlands and Bryce, GC will be a disappointment. If you want a warm up but smaller mountains, try Asheville and Western NC ;-)