14 April, 2010

New Toy

Elphie says hi. See?
Sure, this isn't a great photo. I'd argue that it isn't even a good photo. But I took it with the webcam built in to the new netbook.
The netbook, a.k.a. "vacation computer," is tiny. The keyboard is cramped, though positively enormous compared to attempting to type on my cell phone. The screen is big enough for casual web surfing or video watching, though I wouldn't want to have to actually work on it.
Anyway, you should be glad that all you have is a still picture of could've just as easily been a video of Scott and Milo asleep on the couch! Perhaps I should take one of them to bed now. G'night!


wickedmess said...

Oooh! *jealous*

I desperately want a netbook, especially since my laptop died. Golf Guy is always trying to convince me that I wouldn't use it nearly as much as I think I would because (he says) I couldn't do design or coding on it. Considering that the computer screen I use on a regular basis is as large as our TV he may be right.

I have a netbook sitting on the shelf right now that someone gave me to repair so if/when I get that running maybe I'll find out if I'd like one or not.

What kind did you get?

Congratulations on the new toy!

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

it's a Gateway. If you want the specifics, I'll look it up for you. I haven't quite fallen in love with it, though it sure is nice to play with it while sitting on the couch.