26 April, 2010

Yes, Please!

Scott and I made the decision a while ago - sometime between bringing Elphie home and moving - that we can't seriously consider getting any dog while Milo is still around. He adapts to change worse than any pet I've ever had, and when he's unhappy, we're unhappy. (or we're laughing at him for being a jerk...but mostly it's stressful for everyone)

If it were possible for me to bring home a dog today, it would definitely be a greyhound. I've wanted one ever since I was in high school and I met my Aunt Toni's dog. He was the sweetest thing ever. Plus, I'd never buy a dog from a pet store or breeder, so it's basically this or a shelter dog. Scott wants a little short dog, but this is what I want!

...and if I could bring one home today, it would be "Honey Bun." Not just for her name - she just looks like she'd be a good friend.

Here's the link to the local Greyhound Pets of America, in case you want to window shop for a fantasy dog of your own, or would like more information on why you really want one of these dogs!


mamajoy said...

Aunt Toni's greyhound was so amazing! Like you said, it's a greyhound or a shelter dog ... ah ... one of these days!

wickedmess said...

I thought I was the only masochist that did this! Yep, I go to the Dogtown site ( about once or twice a month and pine for a dog. I also go back and check to see if my favorites have been adopted out yet. I can't decide if this is healthy behavior or not. ;-P

Honey Bun is gorgeous! Greyhounds are so pretty and the few I've met have been the sweetest dogs.