25 May, 2006


So... have I mentioned lately how much my hair is driving me crazy? Based on comparisons between what I see in the mirror and a picture taken on the last day of the cruise, my hair has grown maybe an inch in the past two months. At this rate, it'll be October before I have 10" to cut off. I just don't think I have it in me to wait that long. I could hold perfectly still and it would tangle. I can actually feel the weight on the back of my head when I have it up in a ponytail. And need I mention the fact that I live in Florida and we're already hovering around 90 degrees most days?

Besides, I've found the cutest cut! Sadly, it's on Kellie Pickler. But I really like it. She was in the Idol audience last week and I noticed that she had gotten it cut, and then last night during the finale I got a good look at her. It's such a nice 'do. There's some more pics of it here (where I borrowed this picture), here, and here. And here's some from last night's Idol finale.

Any opinions? Any miracle hair growth formula out there I should know about?


Scott said...

I think it would look cute on you! :o) rowr!

Janette said...

That's cute, I like it a lot!

Mommy Joy said...

You've had cuts similar to that before and they've looked very nice on you. That ho from Idol is prolly copying you! And you're so right about the weight of hair!