21 May, 2006

A Euphemism for the 21st Century

We all know the age-old euphemisms used in laundry commercials. "Ring around the collar" is code for crunchy yellow armpits. "Protein stains" translates to blood stains.

Imagine my surprise last night when I saw a ridiculous portrayal of a new product: Summer's Eve Deodorant Spray. The commercial showed a woman spraying the product on her wrist! You may be thinking to yourself, "wow... that's impressive... Summer's Eve has found a way to stop feminine wrist funk." But you'd be wrong. The instructions clearly tell you where to spray the product... and it's not the wrist. And no, you're not expected to spray it on your wrist and then rub your wrist on the affected area.

I miss the days when feminine care products were advertised by women frolicking in fields and having mother-daughter bonding sessions over some instant coffee. So help me, the day I see a pantiliner advertised stuck to someone's wrist, I may have to give up on man kind completely!


Janette said...

It may happen because get this:

I was in that hell hole you refer to as Walmart and there was this girl in low rise pants and a crop top with her muffin sticking out. On the small of her back (just above her thong underwear) was her birth control patch. I guess instead of the old message "I'm easy!" she was going for "I'm easy and on birth control!" She must be the new improved model.

S*:) said...

Mother daughter bonding over feminine hygiene products! I remember them!

Mom, sometimes I don't feel so fresh!

Oh the good old days!

Janette said...

Okay, I finally saw the commercial. Disturbing yes, but if as an advertiser you wanted to show the product shall we say "in action" where do you suggest they spray it?

I'm not saying that I prefer the current commercial over the euphamistic commercials of the past, I don't! I'm just saying you can't have mothers and daughter walk on the beach forever and expect consumers to pay attention.

If not the wrist, then what?